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Cleanest beaches In India

What comes in our minds when it comes on an ideal, relaxing and peaceful holiday destination? Without any second thoughts, the perfect place for your vacation is a beautiful and serene, golden seashores with a cool breeze, bright sunlight and mild playful tides. There is nothing more alluring and inviting than a white sandy beach and our country has a long list of such beaches in its womb that will make one forget all the woes of life. And even though crowd is present everywhere, there are many best of Asia’s well preserved, clean, less touched beaches in India. So here is the little list of some of India’s cleanest beaches for you to explore!


1. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar islands

One always try to avoid the crowd and chaos of famous tourist attractions wherever we go, but this less crowded beach with astounding views, turquoise water, clean and white long shore, with tropical greenery at back and very few shacks around to have a stay. The beach is one of Asia’s cleanest beaches and should not be left unexplored.






2. Elephant beach, Havelock island, Andaman and Nicobar islands

This another piece of beauty belonging to Havelock islands is full of energetic positive vibes and will quench your thirst for water sports adventures. the beach provides you to enjoy swimming,snorkeling,speed boats,banana boat rides. The beach is ideal to have a exiting look over corals and belonging marine have to reach the beach either by speed boats from Havelock jetty or trekking to serve more over your adventurous visit to the beautiful elephant beach.


#3 Marina Beach, Chennai

As to suggest the names of india’s cleanest beaches, Marina beach is although worlds’s second longest and india’s longest natural urban beach. Situated in Madras, on the coromandal coast.the place gets pretty much crowded in evening as been a popular local weekend and tourist attraction. The light house is also a major attraction to have a stunning view of the beach.nearby one can have heritage spotting experience along many indo- saracenic buildings across the long stretch. Or willing to do something fun,then can visit at Marina Kart Arena- Karting trek and one can also have a taste of authentic seafood at some of the famous resturants around the shore.


#4 Silver Beach, Tamil Nadu

This untouched beauty of the south,being one of the longest beaches in Asia, one cannot resist the natural beauty of endless sea,and soft sands of the shore. The place is moreover packed with recreational activities and is renowned for its water sports facilities for all age groups.the place is also popular for its illusional appearance like of a separate factor to get a little high after passing hours of evening the place has surrounding active and pleasant night life which attract the visitors.

#5 This inviting and less explored beach,which is certainly the best and cleanest in Pondicherry is a picturesque destination which is moreover blessed with beautifulshacks nearby with facilities like changing rooms and showers. Being an Island beach one can only reach thereby small ferries or boats although swimming and bathing is only allowed at the shores and not towards the deeper regions. The catchy natural view of the fresh and green mangrove forest in the backwaters in the way towards beach which is also home to many beautiful flora and fauna will behold your nature lover for sure and the beach will definitely stand on its name.

#6 Puri beach, Orissa

Defining puri beach is more like Spreading the light on spiritual peace and religious pilgrimage spots along with mesmerizing beauty of blue water and sun kissed beach. Its not only surrounded by renowned temples like the great Jagannath temple, Konark temple and Gundicha Ghar temples and are highly famous among religious tourists as well as the one’s seeking for some fun and beautiful holiday destination. The beach is also an excellent place for water sports activities like angling, boat rides, swimming, surfing and sea cruise. So overall Puri beach is an thrilling holiday must visit spot in terms of both fun and heritage. whether you are on your honeymoon or are willing to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

#7 Kanyakumari beach – the place where three seas meet

At the tip of the country, Kanyakumari is already a prominent must visit holiday destination. The Kanyakumari Beach is a notable landmark to have a visit there,like every other beach the place stays quite crowded but there is no fault in terms of its cleanliness as no food items being sold around the beach being one of the prominent reason. Despite being a little rocky at some parts of the shore one would not like to miss over the captivating views of sunrise and sunset at the beach along with your loved ones. The place is perfect for some sunbath and to unwind and de-stress yourself. Famous temple like Kanyakumari Amman temple, Gandhi Mandapam, Vivekananda Rock Memorial which is a rock formation of great historical significance, Thiruvalluvar statue that stands on the Vivekananda rock and tourist can go up to take a breathtaking view of the surroundings, etc are some of the mainstream attractions around the beach.

#8 Alappuzha Beach – Venice of the east

This tremendous site of natural beauty also known as Venice of the east is a well known and admired picnic spot for weekend getaway for people staying nearby as well as tourist destination. The place can be called an astounding and alluring network of freshwater rivers, lakes and lagoons with surrounding greenery of mangrove trees and other flora. One should go on a ride of a backwater cruise for sure and the place also has a long list of other tourist attractions around that not only redefine beauty in terms of nature but also history, architecture and fun places such as Krishnapuram palace, Vijaya Beach park, Pathiramal Island, Kuttanad – the rice bowl of Kerela, Karumadi etc.

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